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Die 12 Thüringer Cellisten

Der erste Streich - Thüringentour 2007/2008

July 1st 2007
    19:30 Theater Gera, Konzertsaal
October 3rd 2007
    20:00 Theater Erfurt (CD-Presentation)
October 30th 2007
    19:30 Theaterbühne Nordhausen
October 31st 2007
    11:00 Achteckhaus Sondershausen
January 5th 2008
    17:00 Newyears Concert Puschkinhaus Mühlhausen
April 22nd 2008
    20:00 Saalfeld, Stadtmuseum
May 11th 2008
    18:00 Augustinerkirche Gotha
May 12th 2008
    10:00 Suhl, Philharmonie
May 12th 2008
    18:00 Rudolstadt
June 19th 2008
    20:00 Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar >> Tickets
July 6th 2008
    11:00 Gotha, Opening of 'Kulturtag Thüringen' at Schloss Friedenstein
August 23rd 2008
    20:00 Altenburger Musicfestival

Christmasprogram with Wolfgang Jahn
"The 12 Days of Christmas"

December 6th 2008
    19:30 Achteckhaus Sondershausen >> Informations
December 7th 2008
    20:00 Berliner Dom >> Informations

IMAGO Metamorphosis from Starship to Starfish

With their debut programme Der Erste Streich the 12 Thüringer Cellisten became well-known in Thuringia over night. Now their new programme “IMAGO” is a musical journey including the classical inspired “Bachiana Brasileiras” by Heitor Villa-Lobos, an impressionistic “Pavane” by Maurice Ravel, the world famous “Adagio” by Samuel Barber, works by the baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti and the “Ritual Fire Dance” by Manuel de Falla.

For the second part of their “Metamorphosis”, the 12 musicians arranged well-known titles and entertaining musical rarities of famous “new world”-composers like George Gershwin, John Williams, Rogers & Hammerstein and Leroy Anderson. One of the highlights of Der Erste Streich, the Rock Ballade “Starfish” by Kars Keen, will also be part of this programme.

Look forward to discovering a musical cosmos with the 12 Thüringer Cellisten.

July 12th 2009
    17:00 Grosskochberg, Schlosspark - MDR Musiksommer
September 12th 2009
    19:00 Bad Langensalza, Gottesackerkirche
February 28th 2010
    20:00 Meiningen, Theater
March 1st 2010
    20:00 Eichsfeldhalle
June 3rd 2010
    19:00 Schloss Neuenstein Rittersaal

special guest Patrick Franke, Berlin DJ

Juni 11th 2011
    16:30 Schauspielhaus Centraltheater Leipzig

special guests: DJ Black Scorp & Jeff Cascaro

July 22nd 2011
    20:00 Parkdeck Neustadt,
Neustadt an der Orla