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CD The First Strike

Thumbnail CD Cover: Der Erste Streich Order the CD for 16 € plus the delivery charges by sending an eMail toMail. Frequntly Asked Questions concerning the shipping of the CD are available here.

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Frequntly Asked Questions

How can I order a CD?
Simply write an eMail containing the following information to Mail:
- Number of CDs
- Your Name and Address

You will get an confirmation eMail when we recieve your order.

For your attention:
The abovementioned eMail Address is not a link, to avoid spam and secure the handling of your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How can I order the CD as a (Christmas) Present?
Just tell us the different shipping address in your eMail. The CD will be shipped there directly while you get the invoice to your Adress.

How do I pay the CD(s)?
We trust you. Alongside the CD you will get an invoice containing all required information.

How much is the CD?
The CD is available for 16 Euro plus the shipping charges.